What is the Voice Of Warrawong (VOW)

The VOW statement was developed from the questionnaires and has become a ‘petition’ that has received over 200 signatures.


Questionnaires with 150 Community Members


The VOW was developed March-June 2023


Questionnaires were completed at WRF, Warrawong Plaza and Community Events


The Focus

Questions focused on community services, infrastructure, areas of strength and improvement

  1. Meet the needs in the community with additional resources and services
  2. Host a specialist services hub that meets the needs of the community
  3. Develop supports for our community’s young people
  4. Increase access to mental health resources and support
  • 47% of participants described Warrawong as a great place to live, quiet, with good people who are friendly.
  • 72% of respondents expressed safety as a concern in the Warrawong community.
  • 75% of participants agreed to the benefits of having increased, consistent and long-term service access
  • 63% of respondents agreed that social activities are an important inclusion in the Warrawong community and at WRF
  • 51% of participants commented on the importance of WRF’s Food
    Hub and community lunch program
  • 73% of respondents shared that they had run out of food in the past 12-months and were unable to purchase more.

The VOW Statement:

Warrawong Residents Forum Inc (WRF) provides essential services and support to me and my community.

WRF’s food programs such as the Food Hubs and Community Lunch help me, my family, and people I know every week not to go hungry. At WRF, I can connect with my community and get help when needed.

I see the amount of work that the volunteers and staff here do day-to-day and can see that they need help. I am worried that without the right amount of resources that there could be a risk to this support not being available or burning out.

I support WRF’s request for additional funding to employ skilled staff and maintain essential services.


WRF has a sense of community, friendly staff; I’m not a number.


In Warrawong, young people like me learn from the community they live in,

and role models.


Love Warrawong! Diverse and Real!


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